ATHENS, Dec 24 (Reuters) – At least two people died and 57 rescued when their boat overturned off the Greek island of Paros in the central Aegean Sea on Friday, the country’s coastguard said.


Trigger warning: readers may be triggered by the recount of Indian Residential Schools. To access a 24-hour National Crisis Line, call: 1-866-925-4419. Community Assistance Program (CAP) can be accessed for citizens of the Anishinabek Nation: 1-800-663-1142.

The Quilts for Survivors group has made about 836 quilts for residential school survivors since beginning with a goal of making 18 quilts in June. – Photo by Quilts for Survivors

By Rick Garrick

TIMMINS — The Quilts for Survivors group in Timmi…….

MAYFIELD, Ky. (LEX 18) — Sometimes, something good comes out of something so bad.

We first saw Beatriz Valero and her granddaughter in Mayfield, standing in what was left of her family room and kitchen. They rode out the tornado in a bathroom.

“I’m just glad and thankful to God we’re alive,” said Valero.

8-year-old Alayah told us she knew Christmas wouldn’t be the same this year.

Combing through the rubble in Graves County

“The Christmas tree was right there, but then when I think the house came down on it, an…….

Imagine being 6 years old, sitting in your classroom in an idyllic small town, when you start hearing gunshots. Your teacher tries to sound calm, but you hear the fear in her voice as she tells you to go hide in your cubby. She says, “be quiet as a mouse,” but the sobs of your classmates ring in your ears. In four minutes, you hear more than 150 gunshots.

You’re in the first grade. You wholeheartedly believe in Santa Claus and magic. You’re excited about losing your front teeth. Your parents still prescreen PG-rated films so they can prepare you for things that might be scary in them…….

Mercedes Formula One boss Toto Wolff is to meet survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire after apologising on behalf of his team on Friday for any distress caused by a sponsorship deal with a company linked to the 2017 disaster.

The deal with Kingspan, an Irish company that produces high-performance insulation and cladding products including some used on the West London tower block, was announced this week.


The company’s branding is on the car that seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton is driving at this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Grenfell United, re…….

For more than two decades, Lorraine* has known her ex-boyfriend is watching her. She cut contact with him 20 years ago, but in Facebook posts and intimidating emails, he makes sure she knows he’s still keeping tabs, from the birth of her children to her most recent wedding anniversary. After years of abuse that resulted in a PTSD diagnosis and intense nightmares, the notes are chilling, and make her uncomfortable putting any personal information in an online space where he could see it.

“It’s affected my relationshi…….

ATLANTA – MARCH 07: NASCAR team owner Richard Petty sits in a press conference during practice for … [+] the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Kobalt Tools 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 7, 2009 in Hampton, Georgia. The family of Raymond Parks announced their intent to donate a collection of NASCAR awards and memorabilia to the future NASCAR Hall of Fame. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Getty Images

Much has changed since the sport of NASCAR was formed in 1947: the cars, the drivers, the tracks, and the teams. Dozens of teams have come …….

One hundred and seventy-four years ago, the first rescue crew arrived at Donner Lake, encountering a scene of carnage that still shocks all this time later.

Eighty-seven men, women and children entered the Sierra Nevada Mountains in October 1846. Known as the Donner Party, led by George Donner and James F. Reed, they were victims of bad luck and bad leadership.

Their biggest mistake was taking a new “shortcut” called the Hastings Cutoff, which led them through Utah and across the Great Salt Lake. Crossing the blistering Great Salt Lake took its toll on the cattle an…….

Before a bullet wound took his ability to walk and talk at age 18, Jonathan Gray was known for his energy and sense of humor. 

“He was always a funny kid and he was always an active kid,” said Gray’s aunt, Tremaine Pollard. His stepmother, Vanisha Adams, Gray’s primary guardian throughout his childhood, described him as “very goofy.”

He was especially close with his sisters, Aaliyah and Jamyrah, Adams said. The three often spent time with their large extended family of cousins, going on day trips to different parts of Baton Rouge. 

In ele…….